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Heritage Museum of 
Montgomery County 

Promoting the rich historical and cultural heritage of Montgomery County


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The Grogan-Cochran Home

The Heritage Museum of Montgomery County is housed in the Grogan-Cochran home. These two families owned and operated 25 sawmills over the years. One of the first to open in Montgomery County was in 1917 where The Woodlands is located today. J. G. Grogan built this home in downtown Conroe. He and his family moved into it in 1924. Four generations of Cochrans occupied the home until the last descendant and owner, Carolyn Meadows Walker, donated it to be used for a museum. The home was moved to Candy Cane Park in Conroe in 1985.

Strake-Gray Oilfield House

1938 portable construction home built by George W. Strake, Sr. for his driller and the first Strake Oilfield Superintendent, Harvey Lee and later Clyde Thomas “Dolly” Gray. Dolly Gray was instrumental in perpetuating the Strake Company Baseball Team which later became the Conroe Wildcats. 

Roughneck Bunkhouse

Used by employees working for Strake Oil Company.- At the end of the Roughneck’s shift, he would sleep in the bunkhouse and when they returned to the oilfield, the next group of roughnecks would sleep in the bunkhouse.