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Gift Shop

Don’t forget to come and visit our gift shop for custom handmade items and souvenirs to remember your trip. Check back with us regularly for new and wonderful surprises made exclusively for our visitors. All sales from our gift shop are used to support the museum.

A big thank you to Blake Spencer, Martha Lilly, Laney Whiteman, Melissa Williamson, Linda Luehrs-Wolfe, Cindy Sellars, and the Heritage Sewing & Craft Club members for their leadership and their generous donations of lovingly handcrafted items.

Books we have on sale include:

  • Montgomery County Texas Historical Timeline (1500 - 1918) - Vol. 1 - Larry L. Foerster, J.D.

  • Montgomery County Texas Historical Timeline (1919 - 2021) - Vol. 2 - Larry L. Foerster, J.D.

  • Montgomery County: Pictures Of A Dream Coming True - Margaret Ann Simpson

  • Images of America: Conroe - Sondra Hernandez, et. al.

  • History of Montgomery County - Robin Montgomery

  • Roy Harris of Cut and Shoot - Robin Montgomery

  • The Great Conroe Oilfield - Patrick O'Bryan

  • Mary McCoy - Robin Montgomery

  • No Thought For Tomorrow - George Waters

Books for children:

  • The Beautiful Little Bunny and Crusty Old Turtle - Blake Spencer

  • Pink, Bug, and Splat: When You Need a Friend - Blake Spencer

  • The Preacher's Tales - Rosie Harper Austin

Sheet Music:

  • Miracle City March - Bill Thompson

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