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Request Meeting Space:


Rules and Requirements:

The Heritage Museum and the Strake-Gray Oilfield House will consider the requests of the following type groups for use of the facilities:  Civic, Arts, Cultural and Historical (non-profit).  Certain charitable and community service groups may be allowed to use the facilities without requested donations with approval of the Executive Director. Buildings hold the following: Museum 49; Strake-Gray 98 people.


  1. Requests for a reservation may be booked up to 6 weeks in advance.

  2.  All facilities are NON-SMOKING and open flames may not be used, i.e., candles, sterno, etc.

  3. No outside meetings may be held in the museum during the months of July and December 

  4. Group representative must inform and obtain approval of Executive Director if alcohol is to be served at meeting.

  5. Only non-profit organizations may use the facilities; however, fine arts groups, sponsoring an artist, book reviews and/or signings, etc., may be allowed to use the facilities and sell to patrons who attend these functions.  For these types of meetings, a donation will be requested.

  6. Set Up Instructions – All non-profit organizations will set up and take down tables and chairs from the Strake-Gray House Storage area as they desire for their meeting. They are also responsible for taking the tables and chairs down after their meeting.

  7. Cleaning and/or Damage to the facilities – Cleaning and insuring there is no damage to the facility is the responsibility of the group using the facility.  If the rooms used are not cleaned, an additional donation will be requested, or deducted from the deposit. The group using the facility will be responsible for the cost of repair for any damage that may occur.

Suggested Donations:

$50 – Group of up to 25 people for up to 2 hours.

$98 – Group of 26 to 49 people for up to 2 hours.

Groups of over 49 people requires Executive Director’s approval.


How it works:​

A refundable deposit of $50 to $100 may be required based on group size and planned activities.  The deposit may be waived with the Executive Director’s approval.

If a Board member, or staff person, is required to be present at the meeting, an additional fee of $10 per hour (minimum of 2 hours) will be charged.


A temporary security code will be issued to the organization representative to allow access to the museum after hours.  The code will expire 24 hours after the date of the event.


Click Here for Request Form


***The Heritage Museum of Montgomery County, including the Strake-Gray Oilfield House and its staff and Board of Directors, are not responsible for any injury that may occur on the premises while attending and/or conducting a group meeting using the facilities of the Heritage Museum of Montgomery County or Strake-Gray Oilfield House.***

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